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Employ the best mover in Canada for long distance & local moves, hire Global Moving Logistics for skilled services & affordable pricing.


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With 100% customer loyalty in Canada, Home Packaging & Packer Services by Multinational Moving Logistics makes the job simpler. Please call 1-855-223-6195.





Use our trusted storage facility. We are the choice for best storage service Get efficient and affordable alternatives for your storage, choose Global Moving Logistics




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Energetic but patient friendly but professional perfectionist but affordable

We’re going to be part of your path to your new life, your new home, your new beginning. We appreciate the thrill of going into a new and unfamiliar room and its difficulties. We’ll make sure that your trip is fun and free of pressures. Our facilities for moving, packaging, and storage promise that you are taken care of and that you can enjoy the wind of a fresh start. We are based in Calgary and work throughout Canada.

Our Clients

I am so delighted that I chose Global Moving Logistics, they were very caring when packing my household goods and even taught me few tips and tricks. I had a great time moving, it was hassle free and great.

 I found Global Moving Logistics through google, and requested a quote from their website. They promptly emailed me back with a quotation and I found the price the very competitive and fair. I am happy with their moving service. They were professional and most importantly, they were on time.

 Global Moving Logistics are an amazing company, they were very helpful with my move. I hope them great success and if I ever move again, I will definitely choose them again.

 Global Moving Logistics is very fast and reliable. They are also very affordable. What more can you ask, I will definitely go with Global Moving Logistics again.

 I always choose my local companies over any national or international brand. I find when you can speak directly with managers, or owners it makes me feel like a valuable customer and I also find the results to be much better. Choose Local, choose Global Moving Logistics.

 I got referred by my mother in-law. She recommended me Global Moving Logistics and I will definitely recommend them to my friends or family. Thank you for your hard work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A. Our Business Hours are Monday-Saturday, from 9 am – 6 pm. We are Closed on Sundays.

A. We are fully Insured & Bonded, we are also incorporated.
A. We accept all major credit cards, e-transfer, certified bank drafts and cash.
A. We provide Packing and Storage services at an affordable rate, please contact us for more information.
A. Yes, our trucks operates throughout the year, we do our best to keep Our customers are happy.
A. Global Moving Logistics has been in business for approximately 5 years.
A. Yes, all of our trucks are owned and operated by Global Moving Logistics.
A. No we do not. All of our staff are our employees and we do not share customer details with third parties.
A. Yes, we offer discounts for University/College Students, Seniors 65 and over, military veterans and front line workers

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