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Moving By the Best Movers in Canada

Here are few reasons why we are the best. We have procedures that simplifies your move by breaking it down in easy to remember steps. Please read the steps below and if you have any questions, give us a call.


Finish Your Move in 4 easy steps

Get a Free Quote

Click Get a Free Quote and input your information such as, your name, phone number, email address and the number of bedrooms your residence has. Our relocation consultants will send you a general quote based on the industry-weight for the number of bedrooms you select. Your relocation consultant will follow up with you via phone or email to answer any questions or concerns you may have. When you’re ready, book your move with Global Moving Logistics!

Use Our Estimate Tool

Does the industry weight for your residence not apply to you? No problem! We have created a tool that already has basic household furniture on it! Click here to see! Select the items that are relevant to your household and it will calculate each item weight individually. Look in the bottom for the total weight of your contents and request a quote based on the weight you retrieve. If you would like your relocation consultant to complete this step for you instead, then just make a phone call and provide them a list of your items. They will send you a quote based on the items you tell them you have.


Our Movers will pick up your belongings

Congratulations~ you have booked your move and are ready to relocate! Global Moving Logistics crew will call you one day prior to your pickup date and will provide you with an exact ETA. Once they arrive in the time frame they had promised, the crew will create an inventory of your belongings – detailing all the items you have and the conditions they are in. Once the inventory step is completed, the crew will then load your contents onto the truck.


Delivery Day, Woohoo

The last and final step for your relocation is here! We request that your payment be made in full prior to the offloading of the truck. Once payment is received, the crew will offload your contents in your new residence. Please ensure that you notify the crew of any new renovations, painting or cleaning of carpets that have been done recently. The crew will provide you with door to door and room to room service so that you don’t have to move a muscle.