Best Packing Service in Canada.

Global Moving Logistics offers full packing services.

Full pack and unpack services are at an additional cents per pound charge, and they are a complete A-Z service that covers all packing, wrapping, and materials for the move. The unpacking portion includes a full set up of all of your contents as well as the removal of garbage and materials from your residence. You are not obligated to have both services, you can choose either full pack or full unpack or both.

Let Us Pack & Unpack

Full Packing Service

Global Moving Logistics offers Full Packing at an additional cost per pound. We can customize packing materials to fit any type of item you have (that don’t fit into normal boxes). The Full Packing option covers all packing services, wrapping and padding, as well as the materials for the move. All you have to do is open the door and guide our movers as to what items you would like packed or not.


Full Unpacking Service

Global’s unpacking service is a luxury service that no other company in North America can beat! After the delivery of your items is finished, the crew will unpack all of your belongings from A-Z and will set up your full house for you. This service also includes the removal of any garbage or unnecessary items from your residence. You can enjoy this service at an extra cents per pound amount, and all you have to do is let our crew know where you would like things to be put!


Partial Packing

If you don’t feel comfortable with the A-Z option of our full packing service, then there is absolutely no problem. We offer partial packing so that we can take care of things you cannot/dont want to pack yourself. Just let your relocation consultant know ahead of time and your movers will come prepared for anything that still needs packing!


Purchase our Moving Supplies

Our packing and unpacking options are not mandatory and not included in your quote. If you would like to avoid this service, then there is no problem at all. Additionally, you can let us know if you would just prefer to pack yourself. We can offer our high quality boxes at discounted cost and you can either pay for it up front or have it added onto your invoice.