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Global Moving Logistics offers storage services free of charge for up to four or six weeks. Call or email us to find out if you qualify for free storage, and how many weeks. *Please note that our storage options are only available for customers who have booked their relocation with us*


Affordable Storage

Make the most of free storage services in Calgary with us for thirty days, for long-distance moves and discounted storage facilities for storage of sixty days. We do not self-store and belongings are not accessible to the customers as we use licensed and reliable third-party facilities of storage. But, you can be well assured that the storage units are weather and rodent proof. You have to provide a notice prior to the removal of goods from the storage units and this is dependent on our availability at that given moment. Storage units may not be climate-controlled but are gated secure facilities with high-security video surveillance and locking systems.

Free offer for is storage is subject to your availability: Storage free of cost is available for a month (thirty days), and for long-distance moves.

Rates are discounted: a discount of up to fifty percent you can enjoy. After ninety days, we reserve rights for hiking the rates.

Our Storage Facility

Our storage facility is located in Calgary AB, Edmonton AB, Richmond BC, Regina SK, and Winnipeg MB. All of our facilities are secure as they are gated, locked and surveillance 24/7. During weekends, we have security officers patrolling the area ensuring that the facility is safe.

Additional Storage

We offer additional storage at a cents per pound cost. We request that customers pay their storage fees on a monthly basis and provide us with a two week notice anytime they are ready for re-delivery. We have had customers store with us for over one year, if this is an option you are considering, please let us know as we offer discounted rates for long term storage customers!